Vladimir and Olga’s Classical Concert – Sol y Sombra Killorglin (7th March)

Vladimir Jablokov is a Slovakian violinist renowned for his classical take on modern music. Since arriving in Ireland back in 2004 he has forged a solid following for his own unique genre of ‘Classical Twist’. His normal set-list usually encompasses everything from Bach to Bowie. But on the 7th of March, accompanied by his sister Olga on piano, Vladimir showed the intimate crowd at the Sol y Sombra his true virtuoso talents.

Before I go any further with this review I have to stress that I am only 20, with a limited knowledge of classical music. So whilst I knew the first piece Vladimir played was by Mozart I am afraid that I cannot be any more specific in terms of symphony numbers, movements and so on. But all the same it was captivating to witness the duo’s master-ship of their respective instruments.

The night’s set-list is strictly classical featuring pieces from Brahms, Rachmaninoff, Paganini and some Strauss thrown in at the end for good measure. Each piece is book-ended with tales of composers and Vladimir’s own personal experience growing up with each. His storytelling is refreshing and adds layers to the live performance.

By the end of the night the crowd were baying for more and called the classical pair back to the stage for a double encore. The first of which prompted a little sing-song in the form of Jaromir Vejvoda’s ‘Beer Barrel Polka’. For the second, the crown had to make due with a theatrical bow.

Overall the concert was a resounding success.  It is not everyday that you are gifted the opportunity to observe such classical maestros up close and personal in a small town like Killorglin.


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