A Song For The Weekend: Disco

The blog felt a bit cold, almost lifeless, for the past few months and I could not figure out why (Well apart from the fact that my posts have been far less than frequent). But one of the more noticeable absences would have to be the patented, world-famous ‘A Song For The Weekend’. Whilst I am more than glad that the submission volume from unsigned and independent artists has sky-rocketed, I have found that the joy of musical discovery has been somewhat vacant from my listening habits. And so, drawing the only plausible conclusion from the above, I have decided to restart the very segment  that enabled my blog to grow in the first place.

The honor of opening (re-opening) this ASFTW category falls to Cork band, Saint Yorda and their new single ‘Disco’. With its Caribbean-esque steel drum intro and upbeat indie-pop ‘vibes’ it’s hard to see this track as anything but a classic summer tune (even though it’s now technically Autumn and also raining quite heavily outside). But anyway, the band are signed to local label fifa Records (nothing to do with football as far as I know) and the single is due for release on the 23rd (which happens to be yesterday). I think that says it all. You can find out more about the band on Facebook, their official website and Bandcamp. Alternatively, you could just scroll down a couple of inches and watch the video for their new single. Either way, enjoy!!

Saint Yorda – Disco


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