ROR Guitars

So you may have noticed the absence of regular posts here on my blog since the end of the summer. And if you were paying real close attention you may even remember me mention that I was involved with some interesting musical projects. The most prominent of these takes the form of ROR Guitars, a local guitar company and brainchild of musician Rob O’Reilly. Well anyway, I’ve been helping the brand to find its feet and some form of publicity within the Irish music scene.  And whilst the past few months have been busy, they have also been great fun. The following is taken from a blog post I published on It details the successes we’ve encountered with the innovative ‘BE-Guitar’ over the past few months.

The BE Guitar

To say that the past few weeks have been busy for ROR Guitars would be an understatement. A statement so overwhelmingly understated that it does not begin to outline the ground covered by this ‘little guitar that could’. But where do we begin? How about with the BE Guitar’s new make-over in the form of our innovative prototype, The Infinity Mirror? How about the fact that it appeared on one of Ireland’s highest viewed live television programmes. We could start by mentioning some of high-profile bands who have recently shown an interest in the ‘BE’ or even our trip to one of the world’s most exclusive music events. But perhaps it’s best to go back to the start and take it from there.

Like any new brand, ROR has been working hard to make itself known. This can be done in a number of ways. But as a new Irish company heavily grounded in music and the arts, it was decided from the very start that publicity would be a hollow gesture without the respect and support of Irish artists. So a number of Irish bands, who are currently flying the flag for all that is right with Irish music, were contacted and invited to try out the BE Guitar in the hope of garnering feedback.

So with emails sent and phone calls made the BE was left with an interesting two days up in the capital and first on the list of mysterious rendezvous was of course Kodaline. With the countries highest selling album for 2013 already under their belt, Kodaline seemed like the logical first step. It’s great to have receive support from one of the countries finest new bands and we can proudly report that the Dublin quartet are now in possession of a BE Guitar. (See picture of Mark (Kodaline Guitarist) below rocking out with the guitar)It would have been a shame to visit Dublin and miss out on the opportunity of seeing Kodaline grace the stage of The Olympia Theatre for the first homecoming gig in many months. And thankfully, Jason (The Bass Player) was kind enough to sort us out with passes to the sold out gig (also pictured below). It goes without saying, but the gig was fantastic. Both crowd and band were more than happy to once again hear favourites from the debut album, In A Perfect World, being played on home ground.

Next on the agenda was a meeting with Nial and Ro from Delorentos, a band who currently hold the accolade for Ireland’s album of the year (Little Sparks). Meeting a left-handed guitar player and a bassist with a (right-handed) BE Guitar may not have been the greatest start, but the feedback was great. It’s amazing how such simple issues such as guitar straps falling off and dropped pic’s on stage can occur to the biggest of bands and the duo were impressed with The BE Guitar’s simple solution for both.

The final stop on our whistle-stop tour took us to RTE Studios (well the canteen, but close enough) for a meeting with Paddy Cullivan and the rest of the Camembert Quartet, The Late Late Show House Band. You may or may not know, but Paddy, the bands frontman, is a firm supporter of the BE Guitar and has even played it on the show a number of times. Long story short, we were meeting with Paddy to deliver a new upgrade for the guitar, the above mentioned Infinity Mirror. This prototype (soon to be released) consists of a mirror insert with a number of colour changing LED’s which creates a truly unique look and style for the BE Guitar. Once completed it will be able to work with any instrument from the BE range (guitar, midi etc). And if you were watching the Late Late Toy Show you might even have seen it in action. If not, then check out the picture gallery.



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