About Me, Again

The problem with having a dynamic ‘about me’ page is that it requires constant updates. Well we can either blame the nature of the page or the fact that life is in fact dynamic and what defines me today may not to justice tomorrow. And so once again, I find myself sitting here, trying to sum up my entire life in just  a couple of words. Here goes.

My name and my love of music are about the only two constants which unite all previous ‘about me’ pages. So once again I’ll start there. My name is Keelan Foley and I am a music blogger. Music has always been a passion and in such, a major part of my life. I contain no musical ability whatsoever and can’t sing nor play the spoons. I have dabbled with the guitar but it will be many years before I can cover the likes of Rory Gallagher not to mind joining his musical ranks.

My ears, the only musical part of my body, allow me to digest a plethora of audible delights across a multitude of genres but alas are unable to add any sort of contribution. And this is where the blog comes in handy. The giant name in the header, my name, is there to remind both me and you that this is a personal project. I share music that interests and inspires me. Music mainly originating from this emerald isle of which I call home (Ireland in case you didn’t get the reference). But I do my best to present a broad and hopefully diverse range of musical delights from all corners of the globe, both old and new, famous or mostly unknown.

But of course, this blog would serve no purpose if not for you, the reader. You are every bit as important as the music published on this blog. So I encourage you to keep commenting and engaging whether you like or hate the music. The aim here is to create a community, one based on the dissemination of great music. I signed off my first about section, back in the infancy of the blog, with the following “Please feel free to get involved, only through discussion and debate can something be truly analysed.” And I think it’s something that still rings through today. (Does that make it three constants then?)

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