The Hassle

So I think I finally figured it out. And by ‘IT’ I mean the reason for my absence from this self built web-presence (not the Stephen King novel about scary clowns). This blog is over 4 years old. I created it, set it up with its imaginative title (ahem), wrote some blog posts and here we are. This blog, my blog, started out merely as a place for me to share and catalog my taste in music. (Well it actually started its life as a film review blog, but it didn’t take long for music to take over).

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Video: New Enemies Single – Play Fire

Irish band Enemies have re-emerged from a two-year hiatus with a new single. Play Fire, a somewhat rejuvenated track which draws a fine line between the meticulous world of mathematically inspired rock (too far with genre specifics?) and joviality of pop music, sees the four-piece pick up from where they left off almost 24 months ago.

Bearing the signature Enemies style and layered attention to detail, Play Fire is an immediate return to form. The hook laden track is as captivating and attention grabbing as the accompanying video (which you can watch below).

For those of you unfamiliar with Enemies, you can listen to their back catalogue as well as download the new release over on Bandcamp.

New Music: Villagers – Courage

Villagers, the solo project of Conor O’Brien, are back with a brand new tune and  a brand new beard. But as this is a music blog and not critical facial hair review site (although…)  you can listen to the new track ‘Courage‘ below.



This new musical offering from O’Brien is both haunting and atmospheric. Packed with the trademark Villagers style, Courage acts as the perfect opener for  the band’s third studio album, Darling Arithmetic. But whilst the album isn’t set for release till April 13, if does well to whet the appetite. The track-list is included below.

Darling Arithmetic

1. Courage
2. Everything I Am Is Yours
3. Dawning On Me
4. Hot Scary Summer
5. The Soul Serene
6. Darling Arithmetic
7. Little Bigot
8. No-one To Blame
9. So Naïve

More Christmas Songs: We Cut Corners

I’m clearly going soft in the head. Two festive songs up on my blog and it’s not even Christmas week yet! But some things are just worth posting, right?
We Cut Corners, a vocally captivating duo out of Ireland, have affixed this rather satisfying cherry to the top of an already stellar 2014. Following on from the success of ‘Think Nothing’ (their second studio offering) We Cut Corners have only gone and recorded a Christmas song. Well it’s a Christmas cover, but let that take nothing away from this fantastic track.

Indiependence Line Up 2014

The Indiependence Music and Arts festival is back once again this year with its biggest line up to date. Taking place amongst the lush green acres of Deer Farm in Mitchelstown, the festival will keep both revellers and residents (the aforementioned deer) entertained with some impressive acts. The most notable of which include White Lies, Delorentos, Tom Odell, Public Enemy, Hozier and many more (see full line up below).

Taking place between the 1st-3rd of August, the festival once again promises a whole host of activities to cater for music aficionados, culture junkies, foodies, newbies and  pretty much anyone looking to enjoy themselves. I’ve had the pleasure of attending the for the past 3 years, 2 of which in a slightly official capacity (you can check out my reviews below)

Indiependence 2014 – Spotify Playlist



Indiependence 2014 line up

GANGS to record debut EP


GANGS are delighted to announce that they will be recording their debut EP with the Dublin label Reekus Records. Under the guidance of Brian Foley, bass player with iconic 80’s band The Blades, GANGS aim to bring their hard-hitting sound to a new level.  The teenage rock and roll quartet will begin recording this weekend and look forward to drawing on Foley’s experience as both a musician and producer.

“We’re delighted to be working with Brian (Foley), he’s a hero of ours so we’re really excited about working with him. The Blades played a big part in our development as a band and we really look up them.”  Jordan Curtis – GANGS Frontman

Speaking at the announcement, owner and founder of Reekus Records Elvera Butler had nothing but praise for the Dublin four-piece. “I am delighted to announce that Reekus will be working with GANGS for their debut EP. These four teenagers are extremely talented and will no doubt make big waves both here and abroad when this EP comes out. Without a single release they have been selling out venues around Dublin which is testament to their infectious music.”

The EP is an ode to Dublin and explores life and growing up in the capital through a younger vantage point.  The four tracks, each distinct yet bound by a common theme, document the tumultuous love affair between a young man coming of age and his city. From the upbeat opener ‘Daisy’, which deals with love of place, to the darker undertones captured in ‘There’s Poison In Your Liffey Blood’ the EP cycles through the entire emotional spectrum.

Like previous exports from Dublin City, GANGS too are proud of their hometown and heritage. Their music is passionate and full of anger towards the issues which are dragging down their homeland. With this EP they delve into the dark and gritty elements of life in Tallaght, highlighting the poison which has emptied streets and left youth feeling frustrated and hard done by.7

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The 4-track EP is set for release this July. The track list will include:

  • Daisy
  • Young Employment
  • Back To School
  • There’s Poison In Your Liffey Blood


Upcoming Gigs

  • May 24 The Kesbah Social, Limerick (YouBloom)
  • June 7th Sweeneys
  • June 14 The Mercantile
  • July 16 The Water Rats, London,
  • July 17 The Alley Cat, London


Former Monarchs – Origins

Former Monarchs, The Cost of Living

Some new music for you on this fine Sunday afternoon, all the way from the ‘People’s Republic of Cork’ (they made me say that). Former Monarchs are a four piece ‘Math Rock’ outfit (I hate the name of that genre) who have been on the scene for a couple of years now, learning their trade from support slots with the likes of And So I Watch You From Afar. They have spent the past 9 months working on a debut album ‘The Cost of Living’ (which is due to be released tomorrow) and if the following offering is anything to go on, I’m sure it will be anything but disappointing.

Origins, the album’s opening track, is a pacey, upbeat and generally ear-pleasing tune. It’s hard not to draw comparisons to the uncrowned ‘math rock’ champions, This Town Needs Guns (well the newer Henry Tremain version of the band anyway). The combination of highly tuned guitar and vocal explosions pared with the atmospheric music video by Damien Murphy, which features a hula-hoop exhibition from the performer Heist Darling, is as visually as it is aurally captivating. In other words, this is a really good track and a solid first step for the Cork hopefuls. Check back soon for more news on Former Monarchs debut release.

  • Former Monarchs – Origins


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