Words are great. You can use a thousand of them in one sentence and end up saying absolutely nothing. And in the same breath, you can paint pictures, conjure grand tales and captivate an imagination with just a handful. I was racking my brain earlier, trying to find something to write about, something to say. And I came across an idea in the a supplement in one of the weekend papers.

The concept of which I found so interesting revolved around a short story competition. One where the only resource available to the writers was six words (of their own choosing of course). The idea for this, stretches back to 1920’s when Ernest Hemingway, within the confides of a bet, penned a complete story in just six words.

‘For sale: baby shoes, never worn’

And whilst the concept is far from new, it has sort of, kicked me back into action where my writing is concerned. How can I hide behind the excuse of having nothing to write about when all I need is six words. Now, finding the words is a whole other story, but a challenge I relish and look forward to all the same. Everyone has a story to tell, we just need to find the words. I can write my story in six words, or closer to the mark,  I can write it in six million. The important thing is that I keep writing. Because that’s where inspiration is born, a craft is honed and more than anything else, it’s where a voice becomes audible.


And now, in a slightly unrelated note…


Top 10 Tracks of the Year – Two Fingers

Jake Bugg took the music world by storm when he came on the scene earlier this year with his debut single, Lightning Bolt. While the upbeat charms of the 50/60’s pop throw back may have garnered the attention of critics and fans alike it was his second single that made it on to the number four slot of my list.

Jake Bugg – Two Fingers


A song for the Weekend: Cocaine Blues

I have decided to be economical this weekend, or lazy, it depends on your point of view really. But anyway I have decided to merge my song for the weekend post with my song challenge post. So its day 08, which means its time to share a song that I know all the words to. I was going to post this yesterday with Bob Dylan’s The Hurricane but I could not find a good version on youtube. So today I have decided to make my song for the weekend, one that I know all the words. Which brings me in to Johnny Cash.

Cocaine Blues is a great tune originally released as ‘Little Sadie’ and made famous by Johnny Cash. The song has been tweaked many timed and released by many artists including Bob Dylan, but none of these versions comes close to Johnny Cash’s iconic Folsom Prison live concert version. Which coincidentally enough is embedded below. So nothing else to do but click the play button, wait for the video to stream depending on your broadband speed, and enjoy 🙂

Day 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain event

I could just be lazy here and say ‘see day 06‘. A holiday is practically an event so I have already done this post before. But no, in the spirit of things I will digress. Its time for me to to become the crazy football supporter (that’s soccer for those of you across the water in America, and also for those of you down the road who associate the word football with Gaelic, our national game here in Ireland) But yes I have a confession to make. ‘My name is Keelan and I’m a Liverpool supporter’. And so bearing that in mind the certain event that I am about to mention is an obvious one. The Champions League final 2005 (which is funny seeing as I was on said holiday mentioned in the Day 06 post when the match was on) But back to the match. For those of you on the know, I don’t need to say that the final was more than an exciting affair. But for the rest of you let me condense that great night in Istanbul into a few lines.

So Liverpool were the Underdogs and conceded three goals to AC Milan by the half time break. And so in the second half Liverpool came and orchestrated what is being dubbed as ‘The miracle of Istanbul’. They scored three goals and managed to bring the game into extra time and a subsequent penalty shoot-out. And I’m sure you know what came next. Liverpool won the shootout and thus won the Final.

And now for those of you who would like to know more or just relive that moment through song then by all means click play on the video below. The song is a special remix of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire. The song incorporates commentary soundbites from the key moments of the game. So I think that s everything covered.

And so we begin: Day 01

OK so we might as well get this 30 day song challenge going. Can’t think of a better day to start then a lazy bank holiday Monday. Before I start though, I have made some changes to the the list. Especially to the stumbling block otherwise known as day 01. Originally day o1 was ‘your favourite song’ but now I’ve changed it to ‘one of your favourite songs‘ ( I put the changes in bold to make it easier for you to follow these complex amendments) And so without further adieu, I bring you; Day 01: One of my favorite songs.

I’ve never been very good with choices and I don’t think I have a favourite anything. Its not that I’m greedy or anything, but one is just not enough. So bearing that in mind, I’ve made a further revision. My five favorite songs, in no particular order (and even this was a challenge in its own right)

  • U2 – Beautiful Day

Taken from U2’s highly successful ‘All that you can’t leave behind album’  Beautiful Day is easily one of the bands most recognizable modern releases and a song that I could not exclude from my favourite list.

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californiacation

Another song that I could not exclude from the list. This song was and still is a prominent member in the playlist of my life. Once you hear that opening guitar rift, that’s it, hooked. I have to address the elephant in the room with omission of ‘Under the bridge’. I have a great deal of admiration for both songs, but on a toss-up between the two, Californiacation wins.

  • Johnny Cash  – Hurt

Of course I wasn’t going to forget about Johnny. One of my favourite singers of all time. Hurt was one of the last songs he recorded before he died and easily one of his best. Hurt seems to capture the emotions and nostalgia of a man looking back on his life. Take him or leave him, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like this song.

  • Luke Kelly – Hand me down my bible

And now for something a bit different. I’m not sure how far the legend of Luke Kelly has traveled beyond Ireland. But whether you are familiar or not with the musical styling of Luke Kelly and The Dubliners, you’ll find it a great challenge to stop your foot from tapping during this song. ‘Hand me down my bible’ is a great song with an infectious beat that always puts me in the perfect mood. And with a line like “Everybody’s got the right to go wrong” how can you not love it?

  • The Doors – Riders on the storm

And finally, The Doors. One of the greatest bands to ever grace the earth with their presence. Whether you agree or not I can safely say that The Doors are easily one of my favourite bands. And how do you narrow your favourite band down to just one song? Well with great difficultly. To be honest I could have picked any one of the Doors countless hits, but found myself leaning towards ‘Riders on the Storm’ today for some reason.

So there you have it. My favourite song, well one, I mean five of my favourite songs. Its not a great start to the challenge if I am completely indecisive on the first day. But things can only get better, right? Hopefully as the categories get less general and more specific picking a song should get much easier.