Historical Perspectives on New Media

Before we can analyse the historical perspectives on new media we must first understand it. So what is new media? Is new media a simple and effective means of entertainment and social interaction in this modern era? Or is the concept of new media something far more complex? It is impossible to date the emergence … Continue reading Historical Perspectives on New Media

Technology is ruining the English Language – r u wit mi?


New Media

New media may be judged in two very different ways. Firstly, the more straight forward view would be that, new media is a product constructed to satisfy consumer demand. New media claims to provide the social consumer what they want. Also new media claims to reflect the ideas raised and considered in society. This maybe … Continue reading New Media

My Personal War On Text Speak


So I've started to notice that grammar and spelling seems to be on a downward slope nowadays. By which I mean that young kids have forsaken 'Ye Ole English' in favor of  the ever popular 'txt spk' (or text speak for all those not fluent in the new slang) There have even been cases of … Continue reading My Personal War On Text Speak


Limitless is a film with so much going for it. Great plot, interesting camera techniques and shots and the acting isn’t half bad. So then why has it not reached the perpetual level of film greatness? This film has it all and yet is missing the key ingredient to bind all these elements together. And … Continue reading Limitless