New Media

New media may be judged in two very different ways. Firstly, the more straight forward view would be that, new media is a product constructed to satisfy consumer demand. New media claims to provide the social consumer what they want. Also new media claims to reflect the ideas raised and considered in society. This maybe … Continue reading New Media

Crime Television… Europe vs USA

In terms of crime television two major variations are present, one being the American crime fiction and the other being European, but mainly British, crime fiction. The two differ greatly in some areas. For example, in American crime television there is a greater amount of dialogue. I feel that this may be used as they … Continue reading Crime Television… Europe vs USA

The trials and tribulations of a young writer


As a child I was always captivated by stories. Words can convey a deep magic that transports us to fascinating places and settings in time. So naturally once I was old enough to figure out the complex task of using a pen, along with all the accompanying aspects of writing such as spelling, grammar and … Continue reading The trials and tribulations of a young writer