Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

Yeah so it's Christmas, the time of peace, goodwill and the all important album of the year selections. I pretty much have mine sorted, just need to nail down the actual positions. Number 1 is safe enough but it's a free for all from there on. But I promise you'll have it when I do. … Continue reading Happy Christmas

Top 10 Tracks of the Year – Breezeblocks


And so this humble list reaches number eight. To be fair no top list of 2012 songs would be complete without at least one song from the British Alternative Indie band, Alt J. Alt J - Breezeblocks Seeing as it's Christmas Day I'll keep this post short. Happy Listening and of course Happy Christmas.   … Continue reading Top 10 Tracks of the Year – Breezeblocks

Pop Songs I Don’t Hate


I wanted to call this post 'Pop songs I can mildly tolerate without losing the will to live and wishing I had a hot poker to drive into my ears so the last thing I didn't hear as I left this world was the sound of that ghastly song'. But It was just a bit … Continue reading Pop Songs I Don’t Hate