Oxegen & Electric Picnic Infographic…Why not sure!!


Here's a shiny new infographic that examines  the 'digital audience for Oxegen & Electric Picnic' (basically which one spends more time on social media sites). It has everything you ever needed to know including which festival has the higher percentage of pets. Don't say I never give you anything!! Thanks to the Discovery team at EightTwenty. … Continue reading Oxegen & Electric Picnic Infographic…Why not sure!!

Exciting News

You'd never guess from the title but I have some exciting news to share with you this week. You may or may not remember but last month I was nominated for four categories in the  Irish Blog Awards. Well anyway, to cut a long story short, the shortlist came out the last day and I … Continue reading Exciting News

Spectatorship and Interactivity

The spectator can be looked at as being passive, does not engage on a mental level, or active, engaged in thought. When we look at the concept of spectatorship and interactivity we must first examine new media and interactivity. The spectator is a victim of and powerless to the modus operandi of new media. In … Continue reading Spectatorship and Interactivity

Historical Perspectives on New Media

Before we can analyse the historical perspectives on new media we must first understand it. So what is new media? Is new media a simple and effective means of entertainment and social interaction in this modern era? Or is the concept of new media something far more complex? It is impossible to date the emergence … Continue reading Historical Perspectives on New Media

New Media

New media may be judged in two very different ways. Firstly, the more straight forward view would be that, new media is a product constructed to satisfy consumer demand. New media claims to provide the social consumer what they want. Also new media claims to reflect the ideas raised and considered in society. This maybe … Continue reading New Media