A Song For The Weekend: A Thousand Trees

Title: A Thousand Trees

Artist: Stereophonics

Album: Word Gets Around

‘A Thousand Trees’ is the third single by the Welsh rock band, Stereophonics. It was released in 1997 and featured on their debut album ‘Word Gets Around’. The single was much overlooked as it only managed  to reach no. 27  in the UK Singles Charts. This bad showing however did not impede the bands ambitions as they went on to enjoy much future success. The song itself, with its infectious upbeat tempo and real ‘feel good’ factor make it a perfect Song For The Weekend. So whether you are a budding arsonist[see lyrics] or just ‘kickin back’ this weekend, make sure to add this song to your playlist.

‘It only takes one tree

to make a thousand matches.

It only takes one match

to burn a thousand trees’

Interesting Facts

The inspiration for the chorus actually came from a box of matches of all places. Lead singer Kelly Jones first spotted the line, which was ment as a fire safety warning, on the back of a matchbox.

Also ‘A Thousand Trees’ aswell as another Stereophonics song ‘Dakota’ featured on the soundtrack for ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 2010.


2 responses to “A Song For The Weekend: A Thousand Trees”

  1. Haven’t heard this in a long time. Sad to think that Stuart Cable is now dead though.


    1. Yeah it was like blowing the virtual dust off the youtube video when I found it. Its sad alright, but at least his legacy lives on.


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