Disney’s Paperman


Have you seen this yet? Paperman is Disney's Oscar Nominated short film/animation. They have only just made it available on their official YouTube channel and it is most certainly worth watching. For those of you too lazy to go to YouTube, don't worry, I have it below. Ironically enough, the retro, almost hand drawn style … Continue reading Disney’s Paperman

Introducing: Le Galaxie

Le Galaxie

For those of you who thought the synth movement of the 70/80's was dead, check these guys out. Le Galaxie are an electro-synth group  who hail from Dublin. Their music consists of an interesting blend of everything from Kraftwerk to Daft Punk. I wouldn't normally be the biggest fan of this genre but Le Galaxie … Continue reading Introducing: Le Galaxie

Boy Lights Fire – Atalanta

The New Wave trio, Boy Lights Fire, have gone from strength to strength following the release of their debut EP ‘Weatherman’ last year. A hard work ethic and a commitment to gigging has also seen them land some prestigious festivals including; Electric Picnic, Hard Working Class Heroes and Temple House. The North Dublin based group … Continue reading Boy Lights Fire – Atalanta

The Minutes @ Indiependence

I wasn't able to give The Minutes a mention in my published review so I thought I would put something up here. Before sharing my opinions of their live set at Indiependence let me give you some background information about the band. The Minutes are a three piece Dublin rock bank who got together back … Continue reading The Minutes @ Indiependence

Blog Awards Ireland

Hey guys just want to let you know that I have been nominated for four categories in the Blog Awards Ireland. The categories are: Best Blog Of A Journalist Best Newcomer Blog Best Arts / Culture Blog Best Music Blog Thanks to anyone who nominated me, I am extremely grateful. Also thanks to everyone for … Continue reading Blog Awards Ireland

Introducing: Raglans


Introducing is a new section I have decided to add to my blog. It is like the radar only the bands I will feature will be a bit more established. Think of it as the Introducing stage at a music festival. For the first segment I have decided to feature 'Raglans'. Raglans are an Irish … Continue reading Introducing: Raglans

Bertolt Brecht – Mother Courage and Her Children

Mother Courage is an extremely vocal anti-war play. It is based on the 30-years war and draws on many comparisons from world war two, which was taking place when Brecht wrote Mother Courage. Brecht wished for the audience to engage with his work and the key themes and concepts on which his dramas were built … Continue reading Bertolt Brecht – Mother Courage and Her Children

A Song For The Weekend: Pendulum

It's that time again. Sorry for missing out in the last ASFTW (A Song For The Weekend) segments hopefully the Midweek Madness posts made up for the absence. So anyway,  for this weeks segment I have decided to select a band who have also been neglecting their work. Pendulum! Well I say neglecting, when in … Continue reading A Song For The Weekend: Pendulum


In order to understand drama it must be broken down. When drama is broken down to its basic elements we see that it is just like religion. I think that drama, like mass and other religious ceremonies, centres on the ideals of a religious performance. Both can be seen a means of delivering a message … Continue reading Drama

I’ve Been Published

Yes thats right, I have been published. And no I am not talking about that blue publish button on WordPress.  I mean proper published. I've been writing music reviews here for a while now but I recently decided to seek out some writing jobs to keep me busy during the summer holidays. Long story short … Continue reading I’ve Been Published