Happy Saint Patricks Day

Title: Traditional Irish Folk Song

Artist: Dennis Leary

Ok so let me start my saying that this song has nothing to do with Saint Patrick’s Day, or even Paddy himself for that matter. It is ‘Paddywhackery’ in its purest form. It may be considered offensive and even insulting. Then why post it. Well because its funny. And if you can’t laugh at yourself then who can you laugh at? And we Irish, well all 4 billion of us on the day that is in it, are experts at it. So whether you are planning on painting the dog green or consuming an unimaginable amount of Guinness, just take a second, and curse the Black and Tans. If not for me then for O’ Hanrahan ( if you have no idea who O’ Hanrahan is then you need to watch the video above)

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!


5 responses to “Happy Saint Patricks Day”

  1. This video reminds me of my late teens and early twenties.


    1. Katrina I hope you are not referring to the decapitation and mutilation of limbs mentioned in the song? Or else you wouldn’t have had a pleasant time growing up.


      1. No, just the music, the beat, and the rebellion


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