Dry the River: My Public Apology

Title: Shield Your Eyes

Artist: Dry The River

Album: Shallow Bed

Last summer I hated this band, well hate is a strong word, lets just  say I really didn’t like them. With songs such as ‘Bible Belt’ causing my stomach to turn and ears to bleed, which may also be a bit extreme. But you get the point. Well anyway long story short, with the recent release of their album ‘Shallow Bed’ my opinions of this band have changed immensely. I’m not sure what exactly has brought around this ‘volte-face’ in my musical taste. But I can say with some certainty that the song above has helped greatly. That or the ‘Bible Belt’ triggered ear bleeding spell from last summer has cleared out whatever impeded me from properly hearing this band. But I’m more inclined to go with the former.

And So I think I mentioned something about an apology. I seriously doubt that any of the band members subscribe to my blog but if so then I would like to issue the following apology:


Yeah I think that should cover it. The annoying thing is that I had the opportunity to see ‘Dry The River’ live at Indiependence last year but never bothered. If the same opportunity arises this year it will not be passed over.


2 responses to “Dry the River: My Public Apology”

  1. I’m just becoming a huge fan of them now too. After listening to clips of all the songs going to be on “Shallow Bed,” I have to say I definitely can’t wait for its release in April! For now, I’ve been checking out some of the videos they have for their songs, and I definitely recommend checking out the one they have for New Ceremony: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCJ22QQTWtM


    1. ‘New Ceremony’ is a great tune thanks for sharing the link.


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