A Song For The Weekend: 54-46 Was My Number

Yes it’s that time again, My song for the weekend. Don’t mind the 30 day song challenge or anything like that. This is all me, and its Toots time. I’m sorry if that sounds incredibly cheesy. But on to the Song. I did mention that its ‘Toots’ time. By which of course I mean Toots and the Maytals. This song featured on the opening sequence of Shane Meadows iconic film ‘This is England’. As you’ve probably guessed by now the song is called ’54-46 Was My Number’ and is a great tune. It’s the perfect song to put you in a good mood for the weekend so what more could you want?
Enjoy 🙂

Title: 54-46 Was My Number
Artist: Toots and the Maytals
Year: 1968

Oh and before I forget, The Radar post this week has been moved to Sunday, so be sure to come back tomorrow and check it out.


12 responses to “A Song For The Weekend: 54-46 Was My Number”

  1. I like you blog I think is the customized one, very nice


  2. Ahh, one of my favorite musicians of all time!


  3. Ah the Toots and Maytals, they make awesome music!

    If you like them check out this song, serious ska tune and very danceable, too 😉

    btw: thanks for liking my Asaf Avidan Post.

    have a good weekend.



    1. Love It!!
      Toots Hibbert is some man


  4. craigontoast Avatar

    loves it!

    You may also like some artists like Matishyahu (no doubt you probably know of) and an aussie group called Fat Freddies Drop.

    thanks for sharing


    1. I can’t say I’ve heard of either, must give them a listen. Thanks for the recommendations.


      1. craigontoast Avatar


        Matishyahu is a NY Yiddish Reggae / hip hop artist,
        here’s a sample: http://matisyahuworld.com/video/matisyahu_-_time_of_your_song_-_live_at_stubbs_vol_ii/#all

        Fat Freddies Drop is a New Zealand reggae group.

        Freddie Cruger aka Red Astaire is a UK hip hop artist

        all v cool

        enjoy, love to know what you think.


  5. People give me strange looks when I admit it’s one of my favorite movies. 😀 Have you ever read the book by Eric Garcia?


    1. Its a great film. I never actually knew it was based on a book, must check that out.


      1. It was written by Eric Garcia (who also co-wrote the film’s script) and was originally published as “The Repossession Mambo.” The ending to the film and the novel are very different, I’ll say that much. 🙂 But I loved the book and the movie equally, though it’s more of an interpretation as opposed to an adaptation.


  6. I like this song, too. I have it on the soundtrack to the 2010 movie “Repo Men.” There are some real gems on that album. Every time I hear this track, I immediately think of the scene when Jake (one of the characters) leaves a cookout to repo a deadbeat client’s kidney in the backseat of a taxi. Strange song for a grusome scene like that yet, oddly, it fits.


    1. I’m a big fan of Repo Men and I remember that scene. I think its to show how oblivious the ‘Repo Men’ are to the violence and death they are causing. Gotta love the irony.


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