A song for the long weekend: 5 To 1

Five to one, baby, One in five, No one here gets out alive… Yes that’s right, it’s The Doors. Once again I have decided to be economical with my blog space and merge my ‘song for the weekend‘, or long weekend in this case, post with my ‘30 day song challenge‘. Today’s post is ‘A song from your favourite band’. I do not have one favourite band, but The Doors are defiantly up there with the best of them. And now as the clock reads 23:52 on Monday night I will post this before the Long Weekend is over. My apologies for the delay. I hope this extra special song makes up for things.

Enjoy 🙂

Title: 5 to 1

Artist: The Doors


4 responses to “A song for the long weekend: 5 To 1”

  1. This is one of my favorite Doors tunes! Spanish Caravan also got me through some really rough swimming practices in high school. I can remember singing the lyrics in my head, “Carry me caravan. Take me away,” each time my arms broke the surface of the water during long practice drills. I’ve been really into “Been Down So Long” lately.


  2. An excellent track from a phenomenal band. Love a bit of The Doors every now and then. Also, cheers for checking out my site and liking my review of Despite Exile’s latest!


  3. The Doors. Always my number one. ❤


  4. It’s hard to go wrong with the Doors, bro! Morrison was one of the genre’s best screamers!

    — YUR


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