Midweek Madness: The Arcade Fire

I have always thought of myself as an Arcade Fire fan, even though I never knew more than one song. That one song of course was ‘Intervention’ so no surprises there. I have recently decided to see what the band are all about. So I downloaded their 2010 album ‘The Suburbs’ and I was sorry that it took me two years to do so. There are very few albums out there that I would rate as highly. Below are two tracks from the album as well as the one that introduced me to the band all those years ago.

  • The Suburbs
  • Suburban War
  • Intervention

14 thoughts on “Midweek Madness: The Arcade Fire

  1. “We Used to Wait” is one of my favorite songs of the last ten years. It touches something really deep inside of me, that remembrance of living before the internet and cell phones, how important it was during college to write long letters to friends. And waiting for the return message to appear.


  2. amo Arcade Fire, soy de Argentina! el mismo sentimiento a pesar de las distancias, muy lindos temas! agregaria Deep Blue y Half Light II


  3. Keelan, may I make a suggestion? Check out a band called Thrice. Particularly the song called ‘Red Sky’. You’ll love them. I’m so proud of them, I put my name on them!


    1. Hey man how’s it going? Thrice? I think I have heard of them before, but not sure. I will be sure to check them out, cheers for the suggestion. Also sorry I haven’t had too much time for Raving Wild site recently, things have been hectic. But I do have a few Ideas, Will let you know later.


      1. Its going well, just need to find a way to remove the ‘free’ from ‘freelance’. I have a couple ideas for the website, I’ll drop you an email in the next few days.


  4. One of the best, if not the best bands live. Superb presence on stage and their music live is just as hearty and full live as it is when you hear it on your stereo.


  5. I love Arcade Fire. I still think “Neon Bible” is better than “The Suburbs,” though. If I remember correctly, “Intervention” was the first song of theirs that I heard, as well, and it had quite an impact on me.


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