Yes thats right, I have been published. And no I am not talking about that blue publish button on WordPress.  I mean proper published. I’ve been writing music reviews here for a while now but I recently decided to seek out some writing jobs to keep me busy during the summer holidays. Long story short I found two writing jobs. One with Gigwise and the other with State Magazine. My first album review was published on yesterday. I have attached the opening paragraph below.

This Club – High Life (Album Review)

Having won the battle of the airwaves with the ever catchy single ‘I Won’t Worry’, This Club seem all but certain to push on and dominate the summer music scene with their debut album. Clever re-branding from their former lackluster name Hoarsebox has helped them secure a second bite of the cherry and High Life is an intricate mix of infectiously catchy pop tunes and a master class in the use of ‘auto-tune and beat loops. The question is there any room for heart behind all that manufactured music. Read More

As well as reviewing albums I will also be covering live concerts for Gigwise. I will be reviewing Aslan this Saturday night at the INEC. I have added a new page to my blog with links to my published work. There is only one link there at the moment but I hope to add to it as I go on.