A Song For The Weekend: Pendulum

It’s that time again. Sorry for missing out in the last ASFTW (A Song For The Weekend) segments hopefully the Midweek Madness posts made up for the absence. So anyway,  for this weeks segment I have decided to select a band who have also been neglecting their work. Pendulum! Well I say neglecting, when in actual fact they have recently broken up. Yes Its true, as of this year the Aussie DnB Rockers are no more. Rob Swire, the bands lead vocalist, has decided to focus his time on his side project, now main band, Knife Party. I honestly can’t say why he would make such a move? Maybe he just likes Dubstep (good god). Well anyway if he want’s to throw away 10 years of musical hard graft what more can we do but enjoy the music they left behind. Which brings me on to this weekends song.

It’s no easy feat trying to select just one song from Pendulum’s impressive musical arsenal. It’s something I have been mulling over all day. Long story short, I have managed to narrow it down to two songs. I decided to ignore the ever popular ‘Propane Nightmares‘ for  the fact that everyone remotely familiar with Pendulum will know it. The two songs are both off the bands most recent musical offering, the 2010 album Immersion. And so without further adieu here is the song I have chosen for this weekend.

  • Pendulum – The Island (Part 1 & 2)

4 responses to “A Song For The Weekend: Pendulum”

  1. Nooo, they broke up? Well, that’s just horrible. Immersion was the first time I genuinely got into the electro-alternative-rock genre and I’m so disappointed. My favorite from the album is “Witchcraft” and “Self vs. Self” as it features In Flames :B


    1. Immersion was an excellent album alright. Witchcraft was my second choice for this post. Decided on the 9 minute epic ‘The Island’ instead.


  2. ;_; I had no idea Pendulum broke up! Those guys were one of the best modern DnB groups out there. “Self vs. Self” featuring the lovable hardcore wusses of In Flames happens to be my favorite Pendulum track, but this is a great pick too (and good on you for not picking “Propane Nightmares”!).


    1. Yeah we’ll have to make due with Knife Party now!! The rest of pendulum have committed to finishing their tour commitments though.I never really warmed to Self vs. Self if I’m honest. But Witchcraft was my second option for this post.


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