A Song For The Weekend: Snow Patrol

Following an epic gig last night at ‘T In The Park’ I cannot think of any other band more suitable for this weekends slot. Unfortunately though I had to make due watching the gig at home. But this did not take anything away from it. The band I am referring to is of course Snow Patrol. For anyone watching the gig at home or at T, you will know what I am talking about. So anyway, for this weekend I have decided to dig out a Snow Patrol box-set featuring 3 of their best. Once again I have decided to avoid their biggest hits. But the songs below are definitely some of their finest.

  • You’re all I Have
  • Signal Fire
  • This Isn’t Everything You Are

2 responses to “A Song For The Weekend: Snow Patrol”

  1. What If The Storm Ends is also a great track 😀


    1. I haven’t heard that one before, must check it out. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂


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