The Killers – Runaways

Guess who’s back, back again… The Killers are back, tell a..ah forget it. I think this is most definitely the cheesiest way I have ever started a blog post. But you get the picture all the same. The Killers are back and they are better than ever. Really? It’s probably too early to make such a statement. But they are continuing exactly from where they left off. The new single ‘Runaways’ was released two days ago and already seems to be grabbing attention in the music world. Their move away from the previous pop/dance style music is going down well. What do you think? You can have a listen below.

‘Runaways’ is taken from the band’s fourth studio album, ‘Battle Born’. It is due for release on 17 September.


6 responses to “The Killers – Runaways”

  1. Honestly…for a second I thought that I was listening to Bruce Springsteen like song writing… You know??? The whole ‘hey baby we are underdogs but we are still gonna make it if we try’ sorta deal??? I thought it was cool. I love The Killers. Thank you for the post.


  2. Fab. The Killers are the best American band of the 21st Century so far….
    More Springsteen-esque this time than Pet Shop Boys (both admitted influences along with the Smiths). Shows good taste all round though, I like all styles of Killers…


    1. I never knew that about the Pet shop boys, but now that you mention it, its impossible to miss. I am a bit worried that Brandon Flowers voice seems to veering more towards country western. But hopefully its only a once off.


  3. I absloutely love the Killers, Brandon Flowers is on the best and most underrated front men ever in my opinion


    1. He’s a great singer but I just never really thought of him as an exceptional front-man. He seems to be lacking charisma or something. I haven’t seen The Killers live though so I may be wrong. Have you ever seen one of their live shoes?


      1. Yeah I have seen the Killers live once and just him by himself once too and I understand what you mean by him lacking charisma at times but I just thinking his talent shines through and it is hard not to like him even though he doesn’t express himself as much as others on stage


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