The Gaslight Anthem – Handwritten

Having taken the same path over the course of three albums, The Gaslight Anthem‘s major label debut marks a significant change for the band. It sees them shaking off their punk shackles of old, as they prepare to take on the stadiums of the world. Handwritten is a rock album and makes no apologies for being such, laden with atmospheric anthems designed purely to be sung by large crowds and produced by Brendan O’Brien, who has previously worked with the likes of Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen.

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6 responses to “The Gaslight Anthem – Handwritten”

  1. Love the band. Love them even more live. I’m really digging this new song…


    1. I have never seen them live. But I’d imagine that they put on an amazing show.


      1. If you ever get the chance, see them! I caught them during Coachella a few years back. I’d love to see them on their own, though, in a small venue.


      2. I will bear that in mind if they ever come to Ireland. How does Coachella measure to to all hype?


      3. Have they never toured in Ireland?

        I’ve only been to Coachella once so I’m not sure I’m the best to say, especially since the time I did go I got to see some of my favorite artists play (so that may sway me to saying YES YES YES the HYPE is spot on. I saw Leonard Cohen, Conor Oberst, Gaslight, Jenny Lewis, Killers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Paul McCartney, etc…


      4. They have played in Ireland (I think the last time was 2010) only I wasn’t really familiar with their music back then.. Wow!! That seems like great variety for a music fest.


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