Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone

Two Door Cinema Club are back with brand new single, Sleep Alone. It is the debut single off the bands second album ‘Beacon’ due for release this September. The single is due to be officially released on the Zane Lowe Radio 1 show, on the air now.  The single is also free to download from the bands official website for the next 24 hours .

You can listen to the song below. Be sure to let me know what you think. I will write up a full review of the single once I’ve listened to it a few times. So watch this space.


21 responses to “Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone”

    • Well technically you stole it off the band. But I am sure they would greatly appreciate the publicity. Good to hear that you are enjoying the track all the same. Have a good weekend.


  1. Two Door Cinema Club are really hit and miss for me, I think this may be a ‘grower’ though and after a few listens I will really like it but at the minute I am on the fence


    • I know how you feel. When they first came on the scene two years ago I was really into them. But it wasn’t long till I got bored of Two Door. I think it is slowly growing on me too. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album now.


  2. I have never heard of Two Door Cinema Club until your post, which prompted me to look them up on iTunes. I liked some of their songs, which are good enough to download. Thanks for the musical recommendation. 🙂


    • It’s no problem whatsoever. I’m glad to hear that you are getting into Two Door. You’ll be happy to know that they currently only have the one album out so it shouldn’t take you too long to catch up.


  3. I loved their first album, especially “What You Know,” of course. I’ll have to take a listen to this a little later; my queue of new music to listen to is already hopelessly backed up. XD


      • I haven’t had any gems yet, per se; being the ludicrously stereotypical child of the ’90s I am, I love Green Day and No Doubt’s new tracks, but they probably could have released 5 minutes of silence as new singles and I would have enjoyed them. Oh, the humanity of fanboyism! D:


      • I am still trying to figure out if Green Day’s new one is any good or if they are just clutching at straws. Didn’t know that No Doubt were back on the scene. I must check that one out. I’d say there would be a few fans would be less than happy with a silent single. But who knows, could be the next trend!!


      • I have a feeling both Green Day and No Doubt just picked singles that were too tame for people’s expectations. “Oh Love” is a great song, I just think people need to get over the fact that there is likely never going to be another Dookie. I ranted about that endlessly in my review of the song XD


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