Ben Howard – The Wolves

The song I have chosen this weekend is a bit different. The Wolves is Ben Howard’s second single from his debut album, Every Kingdom. It was released in 2011 and reached a chart position of 97 in the UK single charts. It was re-released the following year and only managed to make up 27 places. The Wolves is a great tune and does well to show off Howard’s vocal and lyrical ability. It’s a travesty to think that songs like these are generally ignored in favor of the shallow, lifeless music that dominates the modern charts these days. But what can you do, apart from listen below. Let me know what you think of Ben Howard.

5 thoughts on “Ben Howard – The Wolves

  1. Really like this track – especially the gentle vocals contrasted with the driving beat. You will know from my blog that I’m not allowing myself any new music at the moment, but I’m putting this on my wish list 🙂 thanks for highlighting it.


  2. Ben Howard is all my nephew is listening to at the minute, have to admit it’s growing on me too. x


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