Raving Wild are a two piece  indie band from Aylesbury, England. They describe themselves as ‘an acoustic indie duet with folk influences and some rock thrown into the mix’. So its  real pick and mix of music. The band is made up by Graham Iddon (rhythm guitar/vocals) and Dave Cocking (lead guitar/percussion). They met in school and have been playing music together ever since.  And now for the music.

I have selected two songs to feature. Both of which contain the bands unique musical style. The first of which is the Bands namesake ‘Raving Wild’. Raving Wild, the song that is, is an upbeat tune with some serious undertones. Some of the bands influences, mainly The Shins and Mumford and Sons, can be clearly heard in the song, but with a very unique twist. The song is catchy, with a great tune and some interesting lyrics. I think that says it all, so have a listen.

  • Raving Wild – Raving Wild

The second song by the guys is Ignition.This song is darker, well in comparison to the first song anyway. Ignition, in my opinion, is the bands signature song. It has a unique sound and has instantly recognisable qualities.Raving Wild are currently working on their debut album. If these two songs are anything to go by it will be highly successful. Very few bands manage to imprint their style onto their music so early on in recording stages.

  • Raving Wild – Ignition


You can find the rest of Raving Wild’s music, including their newest track ‘Sum of your parts’, on their website www.ravingwild.com.

You will also find the band on facebook and youtube.