Introducing: Womens Murder Club

Relax guys, I’m not suggesting some female alternative to Fight Club. There are two reasons for this, one being that Katie Tailor would just beat everyone so there would be no point in even trying and two You DO NOT talk about Womens Fight Club. Thankfully the same rules do not apply for Womens Murder Club. Don’t worry they’re a band.

Womens Murder Club are a five man musical collaboration from Dublin City. They got together while studying at St. Marys college and have been developing their musical ability ever since.They have one simple aim and that is to develop their own unique sound and signature style of music. “A sound that can accurately articulate yet transcend the gamut of emotions and experience that five twenty year old’s share in this world.”

The guy’s have just released their debut five track E.P. entitled ‘Pop Music‘ which is currently available for free download over on Soundcloud, you can also listen to it below. Their musical influences range from The Cure to My Bloody Valentine and fingerprints of both are subtly visibly on the E.P.

I will be conducting a Q&A session with Womens Murder Club in the next week or so. Until then be sure to check out their music and let us know what you think.


7 responses to “Introducing: Womens Murder Club”

  1. A lot of great music out of Ireland (I’m a Van Morrison fan). Used to have a girlfriend, in my late teens, called Tralee.


    1. Yeah there is a lot of good bands in Ireland these days. They are finding it hard to reach out to more international audiences though.

      Sorry but was your girlfriend called Tralee or from Tralee?


      1. She was called Tralee. What makes it hard for bands from Ireland to reach an international audience?


      2. That’s interesting I never heard of anyone with that name before. It’s the capital town of the county Kerry, where I’m from. Am I think there are two reasons for Irish bands not reaching international audiences. The first being that anything not generically produced in America is not popular. Underground Irish bands seem to be lacking the necessary rap lyrics and rnb backing music which the pop music scene is full of. The second reason is that the population of Ireland is too small for most bands to build up a big name in their own country.


      3. I hope they ignore American success. I would like to add that rap in particular is passe’. In addition, quality ignores size. I hope the best for Irish bands; I especially like the celtic spirit which I hohpe they cultivate and nurture. Would love to hear the distinctive spirit of the Irish soul in popular music.


  2. I only read to, ‘influences range from The Cure’… and I was all in!


  3. A Dog With Fleas Avatar
    A Dog With Fleas

    Music is a passion of mine as well and am so glad to have come across your blog. Finding new music I might not have heard of before is one of my favorite things!! Thanks for sharing this and can’t wait to read more and hear of more music I might not have been introduced to otherwise.

    You are a great writer and know you are going to go places!! 🙂


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