Introducing: Anderson

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I would just like to jump in very quickly and introduce this guy before he explodes and I miss the proverbial boat. Daniel ‘Anderson’ is a Dublin based folk artist, one which I’ve followed with great interest since I saw him enthrall the mellow crowds of the INEC Killarney when he opened for Villagers back  in 2013.

Anderson effortlessly blends soft (almost whimsical) folk with a truly exceptional song-writing ability. And it is this delicate touch that allows him to explore an array of hard-hitting themes in effortless fashion.

Anderson’s songs are mature and literate, but also melodically appealing. Influenced by the pioneering production techniques and arrangements of the 1960s and ’70s, Daniel’s carefully crafted material manages the rare feat of conveying classic pop melodies without sacrificing the distinctive character of the introspective, personal sentiments. (

Patterns, Anderson’s debut musical offering will be released later this year and it’s fair to say that it is one that I am most looking forward to. I’ve included two tracks below to give you a little preview of what’s to come. If you like what you hear be sure to follow Anderson on Facebook.


New Music: Neon Atlas – Velocity

When considering the recent success of the Irish music scene, be it on a domestic or international level, it’s easy to overlook the People’s Republic (of Cork). But that’s not to say that things are quite down in the Rebel County. Recent years had seen a steady host of interesting bands emerge from Cork, Neon Atlas being one.

Neon Atlas – Velocity


Drawing inspiration from the likes of early days Feeder, Tim Wheeler’s Ash or even Therapy? Velocity explores the edgier side of  guitar laden indie-pop. ​The new single is set for release on May 15th and will coincide with a gig in Cork’s Cyprus Avenue. As a taster for Neon Atlas’s forth-coming album, Graffiti Reality,  it’s fair to say that there is a lot of anticipation surrounding the bands July release.

Stay up to date with Neon Atlas on Facebook or on their Official Website.

New Music: Villagers – Courage

Villagers, the solo project of Conor O’Brien, are back with a brand new tune and  a brand new beard. But as this is a music blog and not critical facial hair review site (although…)  you can listen to the new track ‘Courage‘ below.



This new musical offering from O’Brien is both haunting and atmospheric. Packed with the trademark Villagers style, Courage acts as the perfect opener for  the band’s third studio album, Darling Arithmetic. But whilst the album isn’t set for release till April 13, if does well to whet the appetite. The track-list is included below.

Darling Arithmetic

1. Courage
2. Everything I Am Is Yours
3. Dawning On Me
4. Hot Scary Summer
5. The Soul Serene
6. Darling Arithmetic
7. Little Bigot
8. No-one To Blame
9. So Naïve

Former Monarchs – Origins

Former Monarchs, The Cost of Living

Some new music for you on this fine Sunday afternoon, all the way from the ‘People’s Republic of Cork’ (they made me say that). Former Monarchs are a four piece ‘Math Rock’ outfit (I hate the name of that genre) who have been on the scene for a couple of years now, learning their trade from support slots with the likes of And So I Watch You From Afar. They have spent the past 9 months working on a debut album ‘The Cost of Living’ (which is due to be released tomorrow) and if the following offering is anything to go on, I’m sure it will be anything but disappointing.

Origins, the album’s opening track, is a pacey, upbeat and generally ear-pleasing tune. It’s hard not to draw comparisons to the uncrowned ‘math rock’ champions, This Town Needs Guns (well the newer Henry Tremain version of the band anyway). The combination of highly tuned guitar and vocal explosions pared with the atmospheric music video by Damien Murphy, which features a hula-hoop exhibition from the performer Heist Darling, is as visually as it is aurally captivating. In other words, this is a really good track and a solid first step for the Cork hopefuls. Check back soon for more news on Former Monarchs debut release.

  • Former Monarchs – Origins


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Introducing: Asgeir

Let me introduce you to my latest obsession. Asgeir, or Ásgeir Trausti Einarsson, is an Icelandic singer songwriter who has been on a sort of meteoric rise (never really knew what that last expression means) since his emergence back in 2012. Having been forged in the land of Ice and Fire, Asgeir has had somewhat of a head start coming from a family rooted in music and poetry. And these factors are prevalent in the atmospheric brand of rhythmic indie-funk (not really sure what else to call it if I’m to be honest).

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Asgeir up close and personal in the confides of St James Church (Dingle) for the world-renowned Other Voices festival. And it was whilst sitting in the front row of the miniscule chapel/music venue/tv studio that I first encountered this curious musical medley.

Originally recorded in his native tongue, Asgeir’s debut album features most prominently in english. This of course was made possible through translation work by the enigmatic American singer, John Grant (who also made an appearance at Other Voices).

The debut offering , from the Icelandic singer-songwriter, ‘In the Silence’ is deep, dark, atmospheric and laden with lyrics and metaphors passed down from his ‘wordsmith’ father. This marriage of hard-hitting, thought-provoking lyrics with captivating electronic musical accompaniment does well to provide a fresh listening experience. But not so fresh to the point where the listener feels somewhat alienated. A sort of happy medium.

Introducing: Gangs


Irish four piece Gangs have turned many a head following their formation back in the not so distant 2012. And in the relatively short space of time wedged in between their conception and the present day they have achieved some fairly solid accolades. Hot Press (one of the very few Irish music magazines) may have peaked too soon when they branded the Tallaght band as ‘Hot for 2013’ but they were far from wrong to take notice. To date they have opened for Palma Violets, performed at the prestigious Other Voices festival and played a spate of sold out shows throughout the country. And it is all of the above, mixed with a small but well polished repertoire of tracks that is going to allow Gangs to take the new year by storm.

The band will be launching their new single ‘2.15’ at the end of February in what promises to be an epic Whelans gig. But until then you will have to make do with the soundcloud and youtube links below.


Check out Gangs at Other Voices… 

Introducing: My Tribe Your Tribe

DSCF2775-2My Tribe Your Tribe is the solo project of musician and former Boy Lights Fire frontman, George Mercer. Since the disintegration of previous band related activities earlier this year, Mercer has been proactive in his quest for musical development and in such he has discarded the humble guitar in favor of keyboards, drum machines and other such digital apparatus which has allowed My Tribe Your Tribe to experiment and grow whilst churning out captivating, ear-pleasing and utterly relaxing electronic music.

Such aspects mentioned above were present in Mercer’s premier offering, the aptly named Vol. 1 EP, a  record which offered up a glimpse of the Dubliners potential musical talents. But as to be expected with debut E.P. releases, Vol 1. was far from refined (which is more inevitability than criticism). But thankfully though, the latest offering from My Tribe Your Tribe, the Vol. II E.P. has more than picked up the slack and in such hones in on a more unique and personal sound and identity.

The E.P. was launched on November 4th with the release of the ‘upbeat dancefloor track’ Sunset. Following on from this, MTYT released their second track off the record on the following Monday and the third on the Monday after that. Tomorrow, Monday 25th, marks the release of the final track, Brave Reunion which in turn will finalise the release of Vol. II.

My Tribe Your Tribe‘These songs are intentionally intimate, and collectively about coming to realize a kind of deeper connection with people and the universe’…

I wanted to let broader influences determine the outcome, instead of forcing myself down any particular avenue. It seems to be a healthier and more satisfying journey’.

It’s hard to nail down a standout track from the E.P. as each is seemingly designed to support and compliment each other. But in saying that Brave Reunion (tomorrows release) most definitely contains shades of something special (and you only have to wait 24 hours to find out for yourself).

At present, My Tribe Your Tribe perform as a 4-piece full live band with a vinyl release and spate of gigs coming up in the new year. You can find MTYT on Facebook and all tracks mentioned in this post can be downloaded from Bandcamp.