Introducing: I Am Oak

Introducing: I Am Oak


I haven’t brought you any new music  in a while,  but I have a real treat lined up for you this week (Something tells me that I have said this before, on more than one occasion). But anyway, the band I have for you this week are called I Am Oak (I’ll let you decide how much of a treat they really are).

I am Oak is the musical project of the Utrecht-based singer-songwriter, Thijs Kuijken (Thankfully I don’t have to try pronounce his name). The majority of their songs are warm, mellow and denoted by the ever present sound of an acoustic guitar. The music I Am Oak produces is deep sounding with many layers.  Their original brand of indie-folk  is refreshing and a real  treat to listen to.  All above features are present in the song  ‘Of Trees And Birds And Fire‘. It is taken from their debut album ‘On Claws’ and is also below for you to check out.


14 responses to “Introducing: I Am Oak”

  1. As well as listening to Black Country Communion etc this is in stark contrast, a little like the differing styles that we get at the Open Mic evenings. Very pleasurable and well worth listening to.


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