GANGS to record debut EP


GANGS are delighted to announce that they will be recording their debut EP with the Dublin label Reekus Records. Under the guidance of Brian Foley, bass player with iconic 80’s band The Blades, GANGS aim to bring their hard-hitting sound to a new level.  The teenage rock and roll quartet will begin recording this weekend and look forward to drawing on Foley’s experience as both a musician and producer.

“We’re delighted to be working with Brian (Foley), he’s a hero of ours so we’re really excited about working with him. The Blades played a big part in our development as a band and we really look up them.”  Jordan Curtis – GANGS Frontman

Speaking at the announcement, owner and founder of Reekus Records Elvera Butler had nothing but praise for the Dublin four-piece. “I am delighted to announce that Reekus will be working with GANGS for their debut EP. These four teenagers are extremely talented and will no doubt make big waves both here and abroad when this EP comes out. Without a single release they have been selling out venues around Dublin which is testament to their infectious music.”

The EP is an ode to Dublin and explores life and growing up in the capital through a younger vantage point.  The four tracks, each distinct yet bound by a common theme, document the tumultuous love affair between a young man coming of age and his city. From the upbeat opener ‘Daisy’, which deals with love of place, to the darker undertones captured in ‘There’s Poison In Your Liffey Blood’ the EP cycles through the entire emotional spectrum.

Like previous exports from Dublin City, GANGS too are proud of their hometown and heritage. Their music is passionate and full of anger towards the issues which are dragging down their homeland. With this EP they delve into the dark and gritty elements of life in Tallaght, highlighting the poison which has emptied streets and left youth feeling frustrated and hard done by.7

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The 4-track EP is set for release this July. The track list will include:

  • Daisy
  • Young Employment
  • Back To School
  • There’s Poison In Your Liffey Blood


Upcoming Gigs

  • May 24 The Kesbah Social, Limerick (YouBloom)
  • June 7th Sweeneys
  • June 14 The Mercantile
  • July 16 The Water Rats, London,
  • July 17 The Alley Cat, London



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