All Tvvins – Darkest Ocean

Have I introduced you to All Tvvins? No probably not. I must confess that there is a great deal of fantastic music that has taken up residence on my various playlists, portable music delivery systems (my phone’s mp3 player) and most importantly my ears but has eluded any mention on this blog.

All Tvvins are one such band. Containing one part Cast of Cheers and an equal measure of Adebisi Shank, they are a prime example of Irish ‘indie-pop’ in action. But with a new name and an added air of creative freedom, it’s fair to say that All Tvvins are from clones of their former selves (hey look a pun!).

Whilst previous releases in the form of ‘Thank You’ and ‘Too Young To Live’ may not have strayed too far from the well beaten path, the same cannot be said about the current track (and reason for this blog post) ‘Darkest Ocean’. Drawing heavily (well slightly heavier) from the reams of every indie-kids dreaded bane, mainstream pop, it’s easy to surmise that this is the duo’s big bid for radio play and lucrative air-time. (It’s still a major gripe of mine that fantastic homegrown talent has to fight tooth and nail to feature on national and even local radio. But this is a rant for another day).

But let that take nothing away from what is a high-octane, evocative, cleverly layered and all round fantastic track. All Tvvins have been on a strong and steady rise since their emergence late last year. With a major label in their corner (Warner Music) and a debut album in the works (not to mind a fantastic sound) it’s far too easy for me to tip them as a band to watch out for. But I’d be a fool not to bet on a sure thing.

Oh and in case I forgot to mention, you can find Darkest Ocean on the soundtrack of FIFA 16 (that’s a soccer-ball game you play one the ‘puter for all you non-gamers out there).

As always you can find All Tvvins on the usual social channels:  Facebook, Twitter

And you can check out the other tracks I mentioned over on Soundcloud.


4 responses to “All Tvvins – Darkest Ocean”

  1. And you’re right. Killer track from All Tvvins!


  2. As a band who refuse to do covers, getting original music heard in venues can be difficult, however, like in radio land, you will find supportive people who are genuinely interested in promoting such acts, but the eco system is sadly shrinking and as such, so will the diversity. Blogs such as this may yet become the only outlets for new talent.


    1. And I’m always happy to promote it. Even if my blog might not have the same coverage as national radio.


      1. And keep at it Keelan. With the Dinosaurs of the industry becoming extinct, you are helping in the building of the new ‘eco system’. 🙂


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