NewDad – Banshee

Galway shoegazers NewDad are back with their latest offering. Their five track EP, Banshee (released yesterdee day) is the perfect continuation to last year’s Waves EP. So much so, you’d wonder why both weren’t smushed together into an album. But it’s great to see a band take the time to define and develop their sound. And Banshee is another step (giant leap) in the right direction.

I’m genuinely excited to see where this band goes next. They are crafting a sound that is designed for the stages of summer music festivals (hoping things get back to normal) and they are pumping out earworms destined to become radio hits (if the Irish media ever decided to support homegrown talent. But that’s one for another day).

Title track Banshee and Ladybrid are standout tracks for me, but there’s no deadweight on this record. Have a listen below and let me know what you think.

Album:Banshee (EP)
Release Date:26/03/2021
Label:Fair Youth


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