I’m Back!!


OK so here we go, I think it's about time that I got back up on the proverbial horse and returned to the faithful blog. I do apologise for my lengthy absence but I had the small matter of my final year of College to deal with. But now as I write this post I … Continue reading I’m Back!!

Pilgrimage to the Red City (Liverpool)

OK let me set the scene. It's a few days before your 18th birthday, lets just say its 4 days before for argument's sake. So 4 days before your birthday, and you are given the ultimate birthday present, match tickets to go see Liverpool, the mighty reds, take on West Ham. But it gets better … Continue reading Pilgrimage to the Red City (Liverpool)

Musicians: I Want You

I'm thinking of starting a new section in my blog where I provide an outlet and showcase for new or 'undiscovered' musicians and bands. I will be starting this segment in the next few days with an in-depth review of Raving Wild, an indie band form the UK. So if you are in a band, … Continue reading Musicians: I Want You

Day 02 – Your least favourite song

Hmm.. I suppose this is where I post a lot of annoying crap by One Direction and Justin Bieber. Well I'm not going to do that. Yes I am aware that the title is 'Your Least Favourite Song' and I publicly welcome anyone  reading to come to my house and shoot me the day that … Continue reading Day 02 – Your least favourite song


I have recently joined up with the journalistic news website intentious.com. Intentious is a news site but not in the conventional form. They strive to provoke argument and debate through the coverage of controversial issues and stories. Intentious have a talented group of writers and I am glad to become the 13th member. What is Intentious? … Continue reading Intentious.com

Spectatorship and Interactivity

The spectator can be looked at as being passive, does not engage on a mental level, or active, engaged in thought. When we look at the concept of spectatorship and interactivity we must first examine new media and interactivity. The spectator is a victim of and powerless to the modus operandi of new media. In … Continue reading Spectatorship and Interactivity

Technology and Emotion

The ideals of technology and emotion centre around two key questions. Can technology have emotion? And can technology generate emotion? To answer both of these questions emotion must first be defined. Emotion may be seen as the publicly recognised states of the human organism where ones internal feelings would be projected outwards. These can be … Continue reading Technology and Emotion