I’m Back!!


OK so here we go, I think it's about time that I got back up on the proverbial horse and returned to the faithful blog. I do apologise for my lengthy absence but I had the small matter of my final year of College to deal with. But now as I write this post I … Continue reading I’m Back!!

Pilgrimage to the Red City (Liverpool)

OK let me set the scene. It's a few days before your 18th birthday, lets just say its 4 days before for argument's sake. So 4 days before your birthday, and you are given the ultimate birthday present, match tickets to go see Liverpool, the mighty reds, take on West Ham. But it gets better … Continue reading Pilgrimage to the Red City (Liverpool)

Musicians: I Want You

I'm thinking of starting a new section in my blog where I provide an outlet and showcase for new or 'undiscovered' musicians and bands. I will be starting this segment in the next few days with an in-depth review of Raving Wild, an indie band form the UK. So if you are in a band, … Continue reading Musicians: I Want You

Day 02 – Your least favourite song

Hmm.. I suppose this is where I post a lot of annoying crap by One Direction and Justin Bieber. Well I'm not going to do that. Yes I am aware that the title is 'Your Least Favourite Song' and I publicly welcome anyone  reading to come to my house and shoot me the day that … Continue reading Day 02 – Your least favourite song


I have recently joined up with the journalistic news website intentious.com. Intentious is a news site but not in the conventional form. They strive to provoke argument and debate through the coverage of controversial issues and stories. Intentious have a talented group of writers and I am glad to become the 13th member. What is Intentious? … Continue reading Intentious.com