Musicians of the World, Lend me your Ears…and your EP’s


I am always looking for new bands, artists, musicians, DJ's, Orators or even Avant-garde spoon players to feature on my blog. If you know such a person or happen to be such a person then please do not hesitate and get in touch. Submissions can now be made directly through my soundcloud dropbox, the link … Continue reading Musicians of the World, Lend me your Ears…and your EP’s

Disney’s Paperman


Have you seen this yet? Paperman is Disney's Oscar Nominated short film/animation. They have only just made it available on their official YouTube channel and it is most certainly worth watching. For those of you too lazy to go to YouTube, don't worry, I have it below. Ironically enough, the retro, almost hand drawn style … Continue reading Disney’s Paperman

Thank You For A Great 2012


This is just a quick post to thank each and every one of my readers for making 2012 a special year for me and my blog. Seeing as I started out back in October 2011, last year was my first full calendar year and with almost 34,000 views and 1375 followers it's fair to say … Continue reading Thank You For A Great 2012

A Song For The Weekend: Of Monsters And Men

So I'm, guessing you have all heard the name 'Of Monsters And Men' mentioned on more than one occasion over the course of the summer. If not, then I'm sure you heard the song 'Little Talks' being blasted out of the radio every ten minutes. If you are still answering no and or shaking your … Continue reading A Song For The Weekend: Of Monsters And Men

A song for the weekend: A Pack of Three

Why have one when you have three? Then why settle for three when you can have fifty? Well there are two reasons for that. The first being that WordPress would probably crash and the second being that I could not be bothered sorting through fifty music videos. So you will have to settle for three. … Continue reading A song for the weekend: A Pack of Three

Midweek Madness: Band of Skulls

Here's a little something to help get you, or more likely me, through that midweek slump. Nothing like the good ole 'Band of Skulls' to recharge your batteries. I'd write more but I have to get back to work now 🙂 So enjoy. I'll be back later to fill this in a bit more. Title: You're … Continue reading Midweek Madness: Band of Skulls

Day 02 – Your least favourite song

Hmm.. I suppose this is where I post a lot of annoying crap by One Direction and Justin Bieber. Well I'm not going to do that. Yes I am aware that the title is 'Your Least Favourite Song' and I publicly welcome anyone  reading to come to my house and shoot me the day that … Continue reading Day 02 – Your least favourite song

Irish Rail Safety Ad (What were they thinking?)

I spotted this television ad last summer and haven't stopped laughing since. I know this sounds odd seeing as I am talking about a rail safety advertisement. But If you watch it I'm sure you'll be laughing for the next few mouths also. Ireland is not a country synonymous with rail disasters, and we sure … Continue reading Irish Rail Safety Ad (What were they thinking?)

Foster the People: Don’t Stop

Title: Don't Stop (Color on the Wall) Artist: Foster The People Album: Torches I only recently picked up the debut album by 'Foster The People', and with the 'Pumped up kicks' bombardment still resonating in my ears, 'Dont Stop' naturally was the track I gravitated towards. This track is catchy, energetic and most of all … Continue reading Foster the People: Don’t Stop