A song for the weekend: A Pack of Three

Why have one when you have three? Then why settle for three when you can have fifty? Well there are two reasons for that. The first being that WordPress would probably crash and the second being that I could not be bothered sorting through fifty music videos. So you will have to settle for three.

Title: San Francisco

Artist: Scott McKenzie

Year: 1967

The first of the three is Scott McKenzie’s San Francisco. This generation defining song was an instant hit reaching Number One in selection of countries including the UK. The song was released back in 1967 by Scott McKenzie, or Philip Blondheim as he was originally named). Although he only released two albums and had just the one solitary single hit he still had a successful musical career. Some of the highlights include his stint in the touring version of The Mama’s and The Papa’s as well as co-writing the song “Kokomo”, the number one hit, for The Beach Boys.

Title:  Ain’t Good Enough For You

Artist: Bruce Springsteen

Year: 2010* (Released as part of The Promise, I’m still searching for the date it was recorded on but I can safely say that it was some time in the 70’s)

Ain’t Good Enough For You featured on Bruce Springsteen’s The Promise album. The album was a compilation of 21 previously unreleased tracks from The Boss. Only someone as good as Springsteen could get away without releasing such a song. I am not a huge fan of Springsteen but I do have great admiration for the man. This is my favourite song of his by far and I don’t think I will ever understand his reasons for not releasing it as a stand alone single. But as they say, The Boss moves in mysterious ways!!

Title: Redemption Song

Artist: Bob Marley

Year: 1980

I most defiantly saved the bast for last. Redemption Song is not only Bob Marley’s best song but quiet possibly one of the best song’s anybody with ears has ever heard. The song is stripped back to just Marley and acoustic guitar leaving the hard hitting emotions to fill space. Marley was already diagnosed with the fatal cancer that later claimed his life when he released this song and the pain can be clearly heard. This song is politically motivated and carries a stark message for the listener. The lines “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, None but ourselves can free our minds” are actually taken from a Marcus Garvey speech.

P.s. I recently discovered that Rihanna has sand a cover of this song. I have not listened but I urge anyone who has to take a hot poker and ram it in your ears.


One response to “A song for the weekend: A Pack of Three”

  1. Scary, i remember San Francisco when it first came out. You save the best for last for sure. Didn’t listen to Springsteen, kind of really bored with him.


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