Introducing: Room 202

Room 202

Room 202Room 202 are a Vancouver based Alternative Rock band consisting of Zishan, Josh, Alvaro, Rosendo and Earl. The first met at school in the confounds of the music hang-out room, 202. From this sprouted impromptu jam sessions and also the early formation of a band.
Within the sanctuary of room 202, they experimented with their sound. Each trying out different instruments and playing styles. Eventually they forging a style and sound that worked. They adopted the name of their beloved hang-out and decided that it was time to take to the stage.

Room 202 first participated in end of year school concerts and later went on to win some local talent competitions.  Currently the band are working on their debut album. They have a diverse range of musical influences such as Hedley, Green Day, Guns N Roses and even Brian Adams, who they are currently channeling in the production of their first album. But in the meantime, Room 202 are dedicated to their live shows. Like many modern-day bands their focus is on live performance.

Below is a video of Room 202 performing live. Check it out and let me know what you think.


5 responses to “Introducing: Room 202”

  1. As long as it’s not Room 101, I’ll go for it.


  2. They don’t list The Shins as an influence, but I think thy should. I’m a sucker for a bit of acoustic too. Good luck to them. I like their second song.


    1. Yeah now that you mention it I can hear some traces of The Shins in their music. Well spotted!


  3. Don’t mind them. I’m a sucker for acoustic though. I take it they’re pretty young?


    1. Yeah the average seems to be about 20.


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