Golden B.C. Interview (Part 2)

golden bc interview

What’s more important to you at the moment, Live gigs or studio sessions? Right now, live appearances.  I’ve written music for years without ever intending to try and recreate anything live.  Now that I’m doing just that, I realise how incredibly fun it can be once you get over the whole “nervous shakes” thing.  But … Continue reading Golden B.C. Interview (Part 2)

Introducing – Golden BC

I get a lot of emails from bands and PR companies alike asking me to listen to their album and possibly write a review. Regrettably I do not always have time to get through all these requests. But I'm hoping to rectify this, a little bit anyway, by showcasing some of the very talented bands … Continue reading Introducing – Golden BC

Introducing: Room 202

Room 202

Room 202 are a Vancouver based Alternative Rock band consisting of Zishan, Josh, Alvaro, Rosendo and Earl. The first met at school in the confounds of the music hang-out room, 202. From this sprouted impromptu jam sessions and also the early formation of a band. Within the sanctuary of room 202, they experimented with their … Continue reading Introducing: Room 202