Disney’s Paperman

Disney’s Paperman

Have you seen this yet?

Paperman is Disney’s Oscar Nominated short film/animation. They have only just made it available on their official YouTube channel and it is most certainly worth watching. For those of you too lazy to go to YouTube, don’t worry, I have it below.

Ironically enough, the retro, almost hand drawn style of the short animation was achieved through a new animation software package called Meander. This allowed animators to actually draw over CGI enhanced backgrounds.

What Disney have managed to create within six minutes and thirty-five seconds is refreshing and offers a new and well needed alternative to the generic slog of modern-day animation out there. But that’s not to say that all animation is terrible and neither am I ignoring the fact that Disney are partly responsible for releasing their own fair share of less that adequate films in recent times.

Anyway, rant over now. So watch it below, enjoy and of course let me know what you think.

20 responses to “Disney’s Paperman”

  1. When I saw this short film I thought it was a great short film. I was surprised to see Disney used a new method of hand drawn animation with CGI, but I actually like it. I hope Disney creates more films this way. Also it was just a great short that definitely deserved the Oscar it won.


  2. Reblogged this on Movie Melody and commented:
    It’s been a while since the last animation I’ve seen. But here I am, reblogging Kellan Foley’s post because I thought the animation had really been well put together. I found that the synergy between image and sound to be particularly beautiful. The animation doesn’t have too much or do too much, its simplicity is captivating.


      • I liked it. Just now I read the book to my boys and therefor I wondered why they need 3 films to cover the story. the answer is, that they included much material and background from other books and linked the hobbit to LOTR as well in some scenes. Well done from my point of view.


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