Introducing: Anderson

anderson music

I would just like to jump in very quickly and introduce this guy before he explodes and I miss the proverbial boat. Daniel ‘Anderson’ is a Dublin based folk artist, one which I’ve followed with great interest since I saw him enthrall the mellow crowds of the INEC Killarney when he opened for Villagers back  in 2013.

Anderson effortlessly blends soft (almost whimsical) folk with a truly exceptional song-writing ability. And it is this delicate touch that allows him to explore an array of hard-hitting themes in effortless fashion.

Anderson’s songs are mature and literate, but also melodically appealing. Influenced by the pioneering production techniques and arrangements of the 1960s and ’70s, Daniel’s carefully crafted material manages the rare feat of conveying classic pop melodies without sacrificing the distinctive character of the introspective, personal sentiments. (

Patterns, Anderson’s debut musical offering will be released later this year and it’s fair to say that it is one that I am most looking forward to. I’ve included two tracks below to give you a little preview of what’s to come. If you like what you hear be sure to follow Anderson on Facebook.


Introducing: Analogue Wave

Analogue WaveLet me introduce you to Analogue Wave,  a band (or electro super-duo in waiting) who have all but taken over my musical playlists ever since their compact disc bombardment of my letterbox commenced a couple of months ago. Okay it was 3 CD’s that fell through my door, but that single action has all but managed to keep my postman in a job, my ears occupied through an endless slog of college work and also preserve the tangibility of music. It’s amazing what a little plastic disc can achieve.

Analogue Wave are a Dublin based duo made up of members Del Chaney (vocals/songwriter) and Gint (producer/songwriter). They formed back in 2012, bringing together both a mutual love of electronic music and a combined experience of over 20 years. To date, Analogue Wave have released an impressive array of tracks through various singles and EPs.

They released their debut single Fingers back in March this year and followed up with the more recent  MEZKAL.  Both are available for download on their soundcloud page. A debut album is also in the works and should be released sometime during the summer months, most likely in August.

The band’s distinct style has roots in a variety of genres including Dub, Electronica, Synth and Rock. But the overriding stylistic feature present in all of AW tunes to date has to be the satisfying and most certainly nostalgic throwback to the 90’s. All in all, Analogue Wave are a formidable talent. And with a strong commitment to live shows and gigs, their stature can only increase. Most definitely ones to watch out for in the not so distant future.

Introducing: Red Elephant

Red Bull Bedroom JamBefore I introduce you to the musical styling’s of Kenmare duo Red Elephant, allow me to fill you in on an online music competition currently being run here in Ireland. It is called the Red Bull Bedroom Jam and as the title may suggest, its principle aim is  to bring  young bands out of the bedroom and onto the big stage. And the stage, or stages, in question just happen to be located at six of the countries most popular music festivals. The qualifying heats have come and gone, leaving six talented bands to battle it out ‘bedroom style’ for the coveted top spot on the Festival Chart.

And one of these bands just so happens to be Red Elephant. With their distinct fusion of 60’s rock, contemporary folk and carefully controlled musical mayhem, it is not hard to see how the pair booked their place in the final.  Musical responsibilities are divided up as follows with Sadhbh Moriarty on drums, Laurie Shaw on lead guitar and a shared vocal contribution akin to a sort of Kathy Davy and Alex Turner duet.

To date, Elefante Rojo (or Red Elephant to all us English speakers)  have released one album and are currently working on a follow-up  “Red Elephant II” which is due for release in June.  On the gig front, they will be sharing the stage with fellow Kerry natives and last years Red Bull Bedroom Jam winners, Walking on Cars, at this years Charlie Chaplain Film Festival on August 22nd. But in the meantime you can show your support for Red Elephant by liking them on Facebook ( following them on Twitter ( and of course by voting for them in the Red Bull Bedroom Jam Festival Chart ( They are currently in fourth place and could do with a bit of support. But win or lose, I am all but certain that we will be hearing a lot more from Red Elephant in the not so distant future.

Introducing: Raglans

Introducing is a new section I have decided to add to my blog. It is like the radar only the bands I will feature will be a bit more established. Think of it as the Introducing stage at a music festival. For the first segment I have decided to feature ‘Raglans’.

Raglans are an Irish Indie band from Dublin. They formed two years ago after a chance meeting at the The Knockanstockan  Music Festival. They have since gone on to release a 5 track E.P. as well as a  debut album ‘Long Life‘. Check out their video for ‘The Man From Glasgow’ below.

Also check out their new single, Digging Holes.