Aslan @ INEC Acoustic Club 16/06/12

Aslan’s gig at the INEC proved to be a real diverse affair. The crowd varied from the die-hard apostles, who followed the band from the early stages, to the new fans embarking on their Aslan pilgrimage. The set-list did well to reflect this diversity with an interesting fusion of songs both old and new. The … Continue reading Aslan @ INEC Acoustic Club 16/06/12

Live Music Photography

Hey guys if you want to see some amazing gig photo’s you should check out Declan Roche’s blog. He has some interesting shots of Strawberry Fest (an Irish music festival that takes place in Wexford). I decided to reblog this one of Aslan above. I saw them live in Killarney last month and they put on a great show. You can read my review here.

Be sure to check out the rest of Declan’s photographs and let him know what you think. I’m sure he would appreciate it.

Dec Roche photography

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I’ve Been Published

Yes thats right, I have been published. And no I am not talking about that blue publish button on WordPress.  I mean proper published. I've been writing music reviews here for a while now but I recently decided to seek out some writing jobs to keep me busy during the summer holidays. Long story short … Continue reading I’ve Been Published

A song for the weekend: Yes its been a while

I realize that I have been ignoring my blogging duties recently and for that I apologize.  But my 'Literary Drought', yes I'm calling it that, not without reason. But we will get into that some other time. As for now though, its Saturday, and that can only mean one thing. It's time for my 'Song … Continue reading A song for the weekend: Yes its been a while

Day 06 – A song that reminds you of somewhere

Now this is an easy one for me. This song takes me back to when I left my country for the first time. It was back in 2005 when I left Ireland for a much smaller version in the form of Santa Ponsa (The Spanish capital of culture, where local customs such as the full-Irish … Continue reading Day 06 – A song that reminds you of somewhere