The Hassle

So I think I finally figured it out. And by ‘IT’ I mean the reason for my absence from this self built web-presence (not the Stephen King novel about scary clowns). This blog is over 4 years old. I created it, set it up with its imaginative title (ahem), wrote some blog posts and here we are. This blog, my blog, started out merely as a place for me to share and catalog my taste in music. (Well it actually started its life as a film review blog, but it didn’t take long for music to take over).

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Introducing: The Family Monore

Christmas is great but I cannot personally think of any one event responsible for backing up so much work. I mean It’s the end of January and I’m still feeling the effects of it. As I mentioned on my Facebook page (yes this is  a shameless plug, please click on the link and like my page) one of the best aspects of being a music blogger is that great music finds you. All I have to do is log into my email and nine times out of ten there will be a new band waiting for me to listen.  Which brings me on to The Family Monore. Again, those of you familiar with my Facebook page (sorry this is the last time I mention it) will have already heard their debut single, Hotel Room,which I posted there last month. But for those of you yet to hear it, today is your lucky day.

family monroe

The Family Monore are a newly formed duo made up of Craig and Amy Monore. The met by chance in Liverpool and instantly bonded through their mutual love of 50-60’s film and music. It wasn’t long until they began to explore their musical talents and drawing heavily on the aforementioned influences they created their debut single, Hotel Room.

The track has been described as ‘a delicate combination of distorted chords, subtle percussion and restrained vocals’ which says it all really.  The pair’s contrasting vocals do well to draw on the dark and slightly doleful subject matter of the lyrics. Hotel Room is deep, atmospheric and effortlessly communicates a very real sense of anguish which may not be too foreign to the duo.

Unlike Jona Lewie, you will not find The Family Monroe in the kitchen at parties. But you will find them on Facebook:

Hotel Room is also available for download on iTunes with all proceeds going to the hearts4teens charity: