Introducing: Le Galaxie

Le Galaxie

Le GalaxieFor those of you who thought the synth movement of the 70/80’s was dead, check these guys out. Le Galaxie are an electro-synth group  who hail from Dublin. Their music consists of an interesting blend of everything from Kraftwerk to Daft Punk. I wouldn’t normally be the biggest fan of this genre but Le Galaxie just seem to make it work. The video isn’t to shabby either.

‘Midnight Midnight’ is taken from their Laserdisc Nights 2  album. Check it out below and be sure to let me know what you think? 


3 responses to “Introducing: Le Galaxie”

  1. Very cool! It sounds like they came right out of the ’80s!


  2. Not so sure the music is my cup of tea but I think the video works really well: edgy, like the music


  3. At Wanee, I hear bands such as: Conspirator, Particle, Sound Tribe Sector 9 etc…the synth sound has been kept alive.


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